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For BricsCAD, AutoCAD, and Civil 3D® Users

Advanced mapping solutions combining intelligent map analysis, advanced labeling, mapchecker, custom reporting, and plan checking.

Mapping requires attention to details

Pemulis Map Maker analyzes your maps for potential problems

Find geometry errors instantly

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Pemulis Map Maker


Pemulis Map Maker is an easy-to-use mapping and platting engineering software tool with full parcel checking, labeling, and custom reporting capabilities for AutoCAD entities and Civil 3D parcels and parcel segments.

Pemulis Map Maker's core technology includes Pemulis Labeler with smart labels and intelligent annotation, Pemulis Parcel Labeler for advanced parcel labeling and label/geometry checking, Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D dedicated to Civil 3D sites, parcels and parcel segments, with label/geometry checking, Pemulis Map Checker for generating customizable map check reports, and Pemulis Report Creator for creating custom reports for open figures such as alinements, closed figures such as parcels, and reports that include closure calculations, and legal descriptions.

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Create more maps in less time

Smart labels and intelligent mapping

Custom reports - lot closure, legal description, more

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Parcels are correctly labeled the first time using the best label for every course based on your mapping standards.

Overall and partial labels, table numbers, monuments, crows-feet, ... all based on your labeling standards.

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