Pemulis Report Creator

Custom Reports Made Simple

A Pemulis Map Maker Feature

A simple to use report creation tool capable of developing all of your custom reports; includes standard reports.

Report Creator

A Pemulis Map Maker feature

Pemulis Report Creator is a simple to use report creation tool. Every detail of a parcel can be reported on so your reports can look exactly how you wish. Report Creator comes with standard reports, such as map-checking, parcel areas, and legal descriptions.

Parcel Report Creator is core technology in Pemulis Map Maker.

Workspace view of lot 61

Lot 61

To view a report of any project, an individual parcel, or an individual course, simply right-click the item in the Workspace and select the option 'View Report'.

The Report Viewer dialog can print and output to a file the selected project, parcel, or parcel course using any report, and comes with print-preview capabilities.

Video of various reports for parcel 61


Fully Customizable Content

The Report Creator application provides the easy-to-use interface for creating all your custom reports.

Video of various Report Creator operations

Standard Reports

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