Pemulis Map Checker

Map Checking Made Simple

A Pemulis Map Maker Feature

Simple, ease-to-use, map checking for one or all your parcels.

Map Checker

A Pemulis Map Maker feature

Pemulis Map Checker is an easy-to-use map checking tool with full custom reporting capabilities for AutoCAD entities and Civil 3D parcels and parcel segments.

For technology that checks your labels as opposed to your geometry see Pemulis Parcel Labeler and the section titled Finding and Fixing Errors .

Pemulis Map Checker is core technology in Pemulis Map Maker.

How it Works

To perform a map check on any parcel simply define the parcel, right-click over the parcel name in the Map Maker Workspace, and select the option 'View Report' and select one of the map check reports. This is demonstrated below.

Pemulis Map Maker can define one or many parcels by any of three methods 1) by selecting the entities that make up the parcel, 2) by selecting a point within a parcel, and 3) by selecting a representative piece of text that is inside a parcel, such as a lot number.

The example next defines parcels using the lot number text inside each parcel.

Video of defining 100+ parcels for project Lots

The next video shows how to display the map check report for parcel 61.

Video of map check report for parcel 61


Map Checking

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