Pemulis Labeler

Annotation Made Simple

A Pemulis Map Maker Feature

Advanced annotation solution combining customizable label styles, intelligent labeling, smart customizable labels and tables, and ease-of-use.


A Pemulis Map Maker feature

Pemulis Labeler is a powerful yet easy-to-use annotation tool for labeling AutoCAD entities and Civil 3D parcels and parcel segments.

Parcel Labeler is core technology in Pemulis Map Maker.

Leaders, Monuments, grip-editing, Update values.

Labels that reference AutoCAD and Civil 3D entities.

Pemulis Labeler has two custom entities - Pemulis_Label and Pemulis_Table. All annotation is accomplished using these two special entities.

Pemulis_Label represents both linear (tangent) and curvilinear (curve) labels. Pemulis_Table contains references to Pemulis_Labels that display as table numbers.

Below is a partial feature list for the labeling features in Pemulis Map Maker.


Smart Labels and Tables

  • Pemulis_Label - for descriptive and table numbered labels for both tangents and curves
  • Pemulis_Table - tangent and curve table
  • Linework - draws line or arc; draws monuments at one or both ends; draws crows-feet and one or both ends; draws ticks
  • Toggle on/off label's text
  • Reference entity - label can tie itself to an AutoCAD entity (line, arc, polyline) and Civil 3D entity (parcel segment)
  • Text properties - text offset above/below, tracking (spacing between characters), line spacing (spacing between stacked lines), text style and text height, text masking (mask offset and color)
  • Label style - customizable descriptive label values like: bearing, distance, delta, length, radius, ...
  • Table numbering - displays table number instead of descriptive label
  • Updatable - update method (automatic or manual updates) and type (what can be updated - either or both the text value or the label's text properties [text offset above/below, ...])
  • Leadering - leader the label's text values; includes all leadering properties
  • Readable - if used, guarantees the label's text is always upright and readable regardless of the view's orientation. Orientation can also be set to parallel-to-view.

Monuments, Crows-Feet, Ticks, linework, grip-editing, etc.

Easy-to-define Label Styles

  • Curve styles - full curve descriptive values (radius, delta, length, ...); general label properties (layer, text style, text height, text masking, text offsets, tracking, line spacing, draw linework)
  • Tangent styles - full tangent descriptive values (bearing, distance, ...); general label properties (layer, text style, text height, text masking, text offsets, tracking, line spacing, draw linework)
  • Label properties - updatable, readable, leadering, and tabling
  • Unlimited number of label styles
  • Styles are saved in external file for easy sharing

Labels that reference AutoCAD and Civil 3D entities.

Intelligent Labels

  • One label entity for both tangents and curves
  • Values update based on changes to label's geometry and Updatable settings - automatically or manually or not-at-all
  • Label can tie itself to an AutoCAD entity (line, arc, polyline) or AutoCAD Civil 3D parcel segment. If the referenced entity is grip-edited the Pemulis_Label adjusts accordingly (and per its Updatable settings)
  • Label can draw its linework, monuments, cross-feet and tick - or any combination
  • Intelligent grips - grips for modifying endpoints, to slide the label along the entity, grip for changing the text offset, and grip for leadering the label (and changing from leadered state to not leadered)
  • Smart leadering - can justify itself based on its position, numerous leadering properties, text can be made readable and masked
  • Fully implemented AutoCAD editing commands - trim, extend, break, move, copy, ...

All AutoCAD editing commands - move, rotate, grip-edit, trim, extend, etc.

Leadered labels; Grip-editing; Auto-update values

Intelligent Labeling

Advanced Labeling and Plan Checking

Pemulis Parcel Labeler
Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D

Intelligent Tabling

Intelligent Numbering


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Text tracking - adjusts the spacing between characters to better fit text within a confined space.