Pemulis Parcel Labeler

Annotation Made Simple

A Pemulis Map Maker Feature

Advanced annotation solution combining intelligent map analysis, advanced labeling, and label/plan checking.

Parcel Labeler

A Pemulis Map Maker Feature

Pemulis Parcel Labeler is a powerful yet easy-to-use annotation tool for labeling parcels.

There are two versions, one that works solely with Civil 3D parcels and label styles , and this version that works with our Pemulis_Label. Both versions are included in Pemulis Map Maker. Pemulis Parcel Labeler for Civil 3D can also be purchased as a separate product.

Pemulis Parcel Labeler takes existing Pemulis_Label annotation and identifies labels that are either 1) overall and partial labels, 2) labels that span geometry but there isn't an overall label that can span the full length without being intersected by a lot line, or 3) labels that don't share geometry with any other label - they are single / individual labels.

With this analysis Pemulis Parcel Labeler can correct the existing label styles to use the appropriate label style for the given circumstance - based on your label style choices.

For example, a tangent overall label should include a bearing and distance on one side of the line. A partial tangent label need only include a distance. For an overall curve label one would include on one side of the curve, values delta-radius-length, preferrably displayed inside the right-of-way if the curve is on the right-of-way. The partial curve labels would only need display values delta-length inside the lots.

The benefits of isolating labels by shared geometry and type is that you can quickly see if the appropriate label style is being used. Equally important is that our application can indicate if there are any discrepancies between the summation of partial label values and their overall values, and easily navigate you to the incorrect labels so that the geometry can be corrected.

Consider parcels 60 and 61.

Overall labels in green, partial labels in blue, individual labels in red.

Notice that the right-of-way curve between lots 61 and 60 has a green colored overall delta/length/radius label inside the right-of-way, and blue colored partial delta/length labels inside the lots.

Single table number labels C44 and L33 colored red are used for parcel segments that can't fit a full label. (Note that there is no requirement to use table number label styles. The choice of parcel label styles is completely up to you.)

The back-of-lot tangent for lot 60 has an overall bearing/distance label of N89°02'38"W and length 73.20' inside the lot, and distance only labels of 54.11' and table number L31 outside lot 60.

All of the annnotation for the more than 100 lots was done in just a few seconds.

See a demonstration of Pemulis Map Maker and the Parcel Labeler feature

Since all of the labels are Pemulis_Labels you have all the flexibility found with Pemulis_Labels.


Finding and Fixing Errors

Here's an example of the summation of linear partial lengths not equaling the overall length.

Pemulis Map Maker correctly labeled the parcel segments based on their geometric lengths, but as one can see the individual partial lengths do not equal the overall length of 322.25'.

Fortunately Pemulis Parcel Labeler has done the hard work of identifying the error for you, eliminating the need for you to plan check many hundreds of labels.

The Pemulis Parcel Labeler dialog lists the parcels and the error.

Using Pemulis Parcel Labeler it is easy to narrow the choice of lines to modify to the line highlighted in red, as shown below.

Once the geometry changes are made, the map changes to the image below.

The partial length for lot 109 was 86.62' but is now 86.61', and now the sum of the partial segments equal the overall length of 322.25'.

The shared lot line's bearing changes from S21°15'15"W to S21°15'12"W, its length is unchanged - and the lot line is drawn to remain radial to the cul-de-sac.

Pemulis Map Maker shows no changes to the areas of lots 108 and 109, and very minor changes to their perimeters.

Pemulis Parcel Labeler is updated and reflects the changes and the error no longer exists.

Save hours of labeling and gain the peace of mind that Pemulis Map Maker and Parcel Labeler will identify all geometry errors and their corresponding annotation errors.

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